We pour our hearts into every Interior Design project


Our founder, Yvonne Okhowat, has exhibited a passion for creating beautiful living spaces from an early age. Creativity is at the core of her work. Every piece selected is a specific reflection of an inspiration that emanates from the client-designer relationship. It is our job to create spaces that are unique and distinctive, reflecting your personality and aesthetics.


Yvonne Okhowat


Q: What is the greatest influence on your designs?

A: My clients. I like to see them in their space, its an extension of who they are. I gain insight into how they think, live, and what they love. From there, I start formulating the home we can create together.

Q: For a client, what’s it like to work with you?  

A: First and foremost, I want this to be a very happy and fun experience for them. I like them to feel like they are my only client, completely cared for and heard. There’s nothing worse than putting in time, money and energy and then to feel that the person you hired is not giving 100 percent. I always do my best to go above and beyond. 

Q: Many people have good taste.  Why would they need to work with a designer?

A: Yes, many people have sophisticated styles, and it’s always a pleasure to work with clients who love design. A designer’s value is his or her skill in transforming spaces into inviting and functioning environments. Designers think about things like how many pieces go in a space, why a round table works better than a rectangular one, or why a couch should take the place of two chairs. Many new clients are coming to me after being exasperated by the money and time they wasted in endless cycles of online purchases that looked wrong once they arrived. Relying on a designer’s trained eye prevents that.

Q: Do you have a specific style you rely on? 

A: No, I think a great designer is one that’s not a one-trick pony but someone who designs based on a client’s needs and wants. I love mixing classics with fresh looks to make a space timeless and exciting.

Q: Which style setters do you admire? 

A: Canadian designer Candice Olson is phenomenal and has been such an inspiration. I fell in love with her style, organization and vision into people’s lives. I connect with her fusion of traditional style with modern elements to add elegance and comfort in a room.

Q: Any favorite spaces you like to work on?

A: I love redoing all rooms, but the high-functioning rooms--bathrooms and kitchens are always a favorite. The transformations are magical! When the client is blown away by the space, that’s the best feeling for me. 

Q: What looks are you excited about now? 

A: I love playing with shape… hexagons are happening right now for me. I have been excited about hexagon tile on backsplashes, coffee tables and even in different shades, making ombré effects with tile as art. It’s about getting creative and having fun with your clients.